ORIGIN Magazine Illustration Feature

I recently teamed up with ORIGIN Magazine for an interview and feature on my Illustrations and lifestyle.

Q: 4 Life-changing practices

A: Mindfulness, sustainability, minimalism, and wellness are the four life-changing practices that helped me get to where I am. Without them, I would have been stuck in the old pattern of consumption, mindlessness and toxic habits. I was able to arrive in this moment of peace and calm because I accepted the need for healing. So many of us resist healing and wellness because we are afraid of exppsing our vulnerabilities and negative emotions. But without true acceptance of our dark side, we cannot porperly open ourselves to healing. We cannot move forward and invite positive change when we continually resist a part of us. For me, I used meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique and the Healing Code for self-reflection. They have helped me through tough times and I continue to incorporate them into my daily practice. These techniques led me to explore different tools like Zero-waste and minimalism to deepen my healing practice.

Q: Books and authors I love

A: I received so much wisdom from my teacher Thich Nhat Hahn, who taught me about mindfulness and Zen Buddhism. I also have deep respect for Abraham Hicks, advocate for the Law of Attraction. My favorite book is Ask and It Is Given. I also love Anthony William’s Medical Medium, which has inspired me to become a Fruitarian and Raw Vegan.

Read the rest HERE.

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