Hygge Everyday Illustration Book by MONSA

I had the chance to work with Gemma Villegas from MONSA Publications, a print agency based in Barcelona, Spain. Hygge Everyday is an illustrated diary on minimalist lifestyle (based on austerity, moderation and unattachment to the material world), mindfulness (the unprejudiced focus on the present moment), and the Danish concept of hygge (the feeling of wellness in a happy, cosy and warm setting). The book stand out for their ability to evoke places and spaces: inside and out, private and public. They reveal the places in which we move, think and live.

I am happy to be featured alongside with talented Illustrators. Some of my favorite works are by Ginnie Hsu, Josefina Schargoridsky and  Miranda Sofroniou.


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Collaboration with Yoga Journal Korea

My everyday starts with yoga and meditation. I love nourishing the mind and body with a gentle morning session. I am excited to collaborate with Yoga Journal Korea for their annual calendar release.

Available only in Korea at Yoga Journal Korea events or order here.

“Ways of Living” for 91 Magazine

The new issue of UK based 91 Magazine is so beautiful! I appreciate the mindful details put into this magazine. The visuals are so lovely and the stories are down to earth. I am happy to have my ethical living illustration included in this fall issue.
Order Fall 2018 print issue here.

Illustration for Buddhist Magazine Mindfulness Bell

I’m happy to see the prints for Mindfulness Bell published by Plum Village under the Thich Nhat Hanh foundation. This issue is filled with insights on mental health, mindful consumption, and Sangha building.
Grab Issue 79 here. Learn more about Mindfulness meditation and Plum Village tradition here.

“Sleeping with my Fitbit” Shameless Magazine

Self-care starts with good quality sleep and nourishing diet. I love taking a hot soak, drinking relaxing tea and practicing gentle yoga to prepare for sleep time. I recently did this piece for Shameless Magazine on sleep, health, and wearable fitness.
Grab Issue 38 “The New Media Issue” print here.