Collaboration with Yoga Journal Korea

My everyday starts with yoga and meditation. I love nourishing the mind and body with a gentle morning session. I am excited to collaborate with Yoga Journal Korea for their annual calendar release.

Available only in Korea at Yoga Journal Korea events or order here.

“Ways of Living” for 91 Magazine

The new issue of UK based 91 Magazine is so beautiful! I appreciate the mindful details put into this magazine. The visuals are so lovely and the stories are down to earth. I am happy to have my ethical living illustration included in this fall issue.
Order Fall 2018 print issue here.

Illustration for Buddhist Magazine Mindfulness Bell

I’m happy to see the prints for Mindfulness Bell published by Plum Village under the Thich Nhat Hanh foundation. This issue is filled with insights on mental health, mindful consumption, and Sangha building.
Grab Issue 79 here. Learn more about Mindfulness meditation and Plum Village tradition here.

Interview on wellness and creativity with Heartfulness Magazine

Q: How do you tap into your creative potential?

A: I practice what gives me joy and happiness to nurture my creativity. I actively venture outdoors on hikes and touch the earth. I also value daily routines like Yoga, meditation, cooking, petting the cat, reading, and sharing with my family. I love building these experiences and precious moments that often become the subject of my work.

Q: How does creativity express in you?

A: I live creatively by finding alternative  ways to be more sustainable and connected to the natural world. It’s important for me to live in connection with nature and find creative ways to reduce waste and help heal the Earth. Some changes I have committed to are living in a tiny space, going minimal, not contributing to mass production, and transitioning into a zero-waste and plastic-free lifestyle. I enjoy the process of making my own eco-friendly toothpaste, doing the laundry by hand and sharing my story with others.

Q: Do you have any tips for cultivating creativity and innovation?

A: The most important thing for me is learning to sit with my inner self and opening my imperfections to others. I went through the change of becoming more emotionally and creatively open by focusing less on my vulnerabilities and what I didn’t have. This transition helped me nourish my mind and creative spirit.

Read the full Q&A section here