Guide to sustainable fabrics infograph for SUSTAIN Magazine

“Sustainability: Fabrics, Fibers & Facts” infographic about conventional fabrics and natural sustainable alternatives.

It’s good to know that there are many alternative fabric options that are plant based and chemical free. Some of my favorites are organic flax and linen! I go for natural fabrics because it’s important for me to eliminate toxins from being in contact with my skin. I’m also cautious about chemically treated bedding, furniture, and other household items that can be harmful to my family and especially our cat.

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Back to nature & Permaculture illustration for About Place Journal

About Place is a literary journal dedicated to re-forging the links between art, spirit, earth and society. This art work is about self sustainability and returning to our roots of being growers and gatherers. In the modern world, we are so disconnected with our environment and the food we consume. My illustration is a bit of a nostalgia of the ways of the past where we were so involved spiritually and physically with the earth and life-giving forces.

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