Tiny space living interview for Maker’s Movement, Issue: Movement

Bi-annual print magazine for artists and makers to share their work and stories. This month’s theme is around “Movement.” My illustrations are about my personal journey of moving to a tiny space and another piece about the alternative living movement.

Here’s an excerpt from my interview:

“Moving to a tiny space has taught me the joy and ease of possessing less. I am no longer distracted by my things and I spend less time trying to organize them. I have more free time just by cutting down on household duties, because it’s very easy to maintain a small room. We also produce less waste from no shopping, are more sustainable by doing laundry by hand, and are not contributing to mass production and sweatshops. I can be more mindful of my consumption and practice sustainable living. I also love being able to work and live in the same space. I am more focused during my creative process and have the time and energy to practice the things that nurture my creativity.”

Order Issue 6: Movement here


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